Moenchshof’s Ratz Fatz (Ratzi) was born on 19 January 2007. He is a near-Black Leopard Sports Knabstrupper who stands around 16hh. Ratzi was imported from Gestuet Falkenhorst in Germany as a rare Knabstrupper Sports Horse stallion. He was premium awarded by the ZfDP as a foal.

Ratzi has great movement and an excellent jumping ability, which was shown at his 2010 presentation to ECHA Zuchtverband in Germany with a grading score of 8.5 for his walk, 8 for his trot, 8 for his canter, 9 for his free-jumping and an overall presentation score of 8.5, which lead to his being Premium awarded and presented with the title “Reserve Knabstrupper Champion Stallion”. This can be attributed to his strong jumping sires in Purioso, Furioso II and Ramiro Z.

Ratzi is registered as a Knabstrupper with the Zuchtverband für Deutsche Pferde (ZfDP) as well as with the European Coloured Horse Association (ECHA). Breeding Ratzi to a solid coloured mare will give a 50/50 chance of a spotted/solid coloured foal.

Click here to download the London Lane Stallion Contract for Ratz-Fatz 2013

Pedigree and Breeding Lines

It must be noted that it is very difficult to trace the older Knabstrupper lines, as there was a huge fire at the Knabstrup Stud in 1891, which destroyed all the documents and history of the Knabstrupper up until that time. The breeding lines therefore had to be started from scratch.

Ratzi’s dam, Thorba is by Thor af Rottap who is by the well known stallion Thunder Cloud. His Knabstrupper lines all come from pure bred Knabstruppers.

Furioso II is out of the great Selle Français mare, Dame de Renville. He is considered one of the founders of the modern European Sports Horse as breeders needed to use a superior specimen of a half-blood stallion to bring in modern lines to their warmbloods. Furioso II sired 81 approved sons, 96 dams of approved sons and progeny earnings of DM9 000 000 at the time of his death in 1986. Furioso II was approved by the Oldenburg Society in 1967 and easily won his 100-day stallion test. He was also approved by the Hanoverian, Rhineland, Hessen and Westfalian breed societies. Furioso II sired winners in all disciplines including showjumpers FBI, Heissman and For Pleasure. One of Furioso II’s most influential son was Voltaire, who is sire to 33 approved sons and top jumpers.

Purioso, son of Furioso II was approved by the KWPN Society in 1997. He scored a 9 in free-jumping and a 9 in jumping under saddle at his stallion performance test. In 1989 he was awarded the Keur predicate. Purioso is an all rounder stallion and is the founder of show jumpers and dressage horses at the highest levels.

“Preferent” G Ramiro Z’s performance as a sporthorse and breeding sire earned him the titles “Stallion of the Century”, “King of Sires” and KWPN’s “Horse of the Year 1992”. During his sporting career, he won numerous show jumping competitions. His daughter, Ratina Z, won double Olympic Gold medals and the World Cup of 1993. G Ramiro Z appears twice in Ratzi’s breeding lines. Z Radjah was licensed in 1987 in Oldenburg. He made a name for himself as a Grand Prix jumper and produced amongst others, Rangong, who won his stallion performance test in Warendorf. Ratzi’s sire, Rajco is a Dutch Warmblood who is competing in Advanced Medium Dressage. Ratzi’s dam Hedautopia, a KWPN State Premium Ster mare, was successful in dressage and is now being used as a broodmare to produce top quality foals.

Rajko (Dt.Pf.) (KWPN) Radjah Z (OLD) Ramiro Z (HOLST) Raimond (HOLST)
Valine (HOLST)
Hauptstutbuch Almund (RHLD) Alme (SF)
Sieghild (RHLD)
V. Pr. Hauptstutbuch Heddautopia (NL) Purioso (OLD) Furioso II (OLD)
Alinda (KWPN)
Hauptstutbuch Alinda (KWPN) Ramiro Z (HOLST)
Linda NL (KWPN)
Haupstutbuch Zuchtbuch Thorba (KNN) Thor Af Rottap (KNN) Thunder Cloud (KNN) Kronplet (KNN)
Mona (KNN)
Annett Af Rottarp (KNN) Rasmus AF Damgard (KNN)
Bella (KNN)
Hauptstutbuch Funder Norhedes Naja (KNN) Benjamin (KNN) Sonny AF Hojmark (KNN)
Musse (KNN)
Fundernorhedes Cheri (KNN) Thunder Cloud (KNN)
Fundernorhedes Flicka (KNN)

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