Heliodoros vom Niehaus is a black based Snowcap and Few Spot pure-bred Knabstrupper, also known as a Baroque Knabstrupper. He is homozygous and will produce 100% coloured foals with all varieties of the patterns related to the colour genes i.e. Leopard, near-Leopard, Blanket, the Snowflake, the Snowcap and the Few Spot. He was born in June 2009 and has good conformation, powerful movement and is a top quality breeding prospect. He was premium awarded as a foal by the Zuchtverband für Deutsche Pferde (ZfDP).

His value as a pure-bred Knabstrupper comes when breeding him to the accepted outcross breeds permitted by the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) and the ZfDP, to produce Sports Knabstruppers who excel in all fields of horse sports. These outcrosses include Fredrikborgers, Oldenburgers, Trakehners, Arabs, Anglo-Arabs, Danish Warmbloods, Holsteiners and approved Thoroughbreds.

Knabstruppers are valued for the following traits: exceptional temperaments, high level of trainability, strength, stamina, good health and wonderful colour.

Click here to download the London Lane Stallion Contract for Heliodoros 2013

Pedigree and Breeding Lines

It must be noted that it is very difficult to trace the older Knabstrupper lines, as there was a huge fire at the Knabstrup Stud in 1891, which destroyed all the documents and history of the Knabstrupper up until that time. The breeding lines therefore had to be started from scratch.

Heliodoros’s sire, Hussar of Independence is a premium awarded ZfDP stallion. He is a classical type Knabstrupper at 16.2hh, with a harmonic exterior with fantastic gaits, a super temperament and good jumping technique. He is line bred to the famous stallion, Rasmus af Damgard. Rasmus af Damgard’s achievements include Premium foal, Best Knabstrupper foal ZfDP Lower Saxony, Best Knabstrupper foal Northern Germany, Premium stallion, fully licensed and life time approved by the ZfDP, Best stallion with ZfDP branding Lentfoehrden and Champion stallion grading ZFDP Lentfoehrden. All of his offspring thus far have received high foal premiums.

Hussar of Independence’s dam was the Elite Premium Knabstrupper, Catherin of Independence. She is in the main breeding book of the ZfDP, has several champion titles to her name and is listed in the performance book of the FN (German Horse Association). Hussar’s sire, Norkrons Harlequin was a winner of his breed class, is fully licensed with the PSH and has done his 30-day performance test. The sire of Norkrons Harlequin, Xanthos, produced a number of international dressage horses and several graded stallion sons. He also competed successfully in dressage. Heliodoros’s dam Silou vom Trollmoor is a premium awarded mare in the Knabstrupper Breeding Book of the ZfDP.


Hussar of Independence (KNN)Verb.Pr. Norkrons Harlequin (KNN) Xanthos (KNN) Don Ibrahim (KNN)
Cirkeline (KNN)
Hauptstutbuch Columbine af Aagaard (KNN) Columbus (TRAK)
Heidi af Hojmark (KNN)
Catherin of Independence (KNN)Elite/Verb.Pr. Theis Lynghoj (KNN) Rasmus af Damgaard (KNN)
Sussi Lynghoj (KNN)
Hauptstutbuch Chiquita of Mountain (KNN) Nevada of Mountain (KNN)
Carolina of Mountain (KNN)
Stutbuch Zuchtbuch Silou vom Trollmoor (KNN) Thunder Dream vom Trollmoor (KNN) Thunder King of Mountain (KNN) Thunder Cloud (KNN)
Fundernorhedes Flicka (KNN)
Hauptstutbuch Chiquita of Mountain (KNN) Nevada of Mountain (KNN)
Carolina of Mountain (KNN)
Vorbuch 1 Sabella Engesgaard (KNN) Rasmus af Damgaard (KNN) Karl (KNN)
Gerda (KNN)
Sika (KNN) Tornado (KNN)
Rikke (KNN)


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