Divine Dream GF, a Cremello Sabino German Warmblood was born on 21 June 2008. He will reach between 16.1 and 16.2 hh. Divine Dream has exceptional floating movement, is agile, supple and has a modern and athletic build. He is a confident stallion, who learns very quickly. He was premium awarded as a foal by the Zuchtverband für Deutsche Pferde (ZfDP).

Divine Dream was imported by London Lane Stud from Gestuet Falkenhorst in Germany. His rare colour alleles (CCr CCr) will have the following effect on breeding with dark base colour mares. The third column shows what colours can be achieved when breeding him with single dilute colour mares.

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Cremello Colour Table

Base Colour (C+C+) C+CCr (Dilute Colour) CCrCCr (Double Dilute)
Jet Black Black Smoky Cream
Black Smoky or Black Smoky Cream
Grullo Light Grullo or Olive Dun Cream Dun
Seal Brown Smoky Seal Brown Smoky Cream
Brown Sooty Buckskin Perlino
Blood Bay Golden Buckskin Perlino
Red Bay Yellow Buckskin Perlino
Sandy Bay Silvery Buckskin Perlino
Zebra Dun Golden Dun, Silvery Dun, Dunskin Cream Dun, Dunalino
Liver Chestnut, Sooty Type Sooty Palomino Cremello
Liver Chestnut, Dark Shade Golden Palomino Cremello
Chestnut Palomino Cremello
Light Chestnut Isabelo Cremello
Red Dun Linebacked Palomino Cream Dun, Dunalino

Source: Equine Color Genetics by D. Phillip Sponenberg. 2009

Pedigree and Breeding Lines

Divine Dream’s sire, Dream of Gold, is an eye-catching loud marked golden Sabino Palomino. He was approved as a Breeding Stallion in 2003, with the DPZV Association as the highest scoring stallion and was also awarded the title “Verbanspremium Stallion” with the European Coloured Horse Association (ECHA) with an overall score of 8. He is also licensed with the ZfDP Association. Dream of Gold is out of Dream Boy, a licensed and performance tested son of Dream of Glory. Dream Boy scored 9s for his character, temperament, rideability and type at his performance test in Adelheidstorf, Germany in 1998. Dream of Gold’s dam Lavendel, a Trakehner mare, produced one of the best known mares in German jumping history, the world famous mare Lavendel II. Her sire, Los Alamos, was the 1990 Reserve Champion at his Holstein Approval and produced many top level jumping horses.

Dream of Glory, a 1989 Oldenburg stallion was licensed in 1992 and in 1993 completed his stallion performance test at Klosterhof Medingen. He won his dressage and rideability tests and this was clearly shown when he was ridden by Anja Hermelink, who used to only have two training sessions a year with him, but still managed to achieve eleven victories and the highest placements in 1999 in dressage competitions up to Advanced Level, Prix St. George and Intermediare. He was extremely successful as a sire and was known as a “stamp” stallion, passing on his beautiful conformation, dark colour, outstanding basic paces and springy flexible movements to all his progeny. His natural talent led to him winning the title “Germany’s Best Dressage Sire in the Young Stallions Category” in 1999. He was also named the PSI Auction “Stallion of the Year”. Dream of Glory’s sire, Donnerhall was one of the most successful dressage stallions in the World and sired over 77 approved sons, 450 approved (84 of which were State Premium awarded) mares and 636 competition horses. Donnerhall won over 65 FEI Grand Prix dressage classes and some of his famous offspring include Don Primero, Donnerschlag, De Niro and Primavera.

Divine Dream’s dam, Mirabelle II GF, a 16.3hh Palomino, is registered in the Oldenburg Main Mare Book, and was sired by Metallic Dream GF, a son of Malteser Gold. Malteser Gold was an extravagant dark Palomino with a striking white mane and tail, who sired five graded stallions. On Malteser Gold’s dam side is the well known jumping sire, Ratsherr. Malteser Gold was a son of Marduc, an Elite Trakehner, who is widely considered to be one of the most important Trakehner stallions of modern times, having previously been ranked the highest Trakehner dressage sire in the World. He was awarded Elite status in 1995 for his outstanding breeding record. Isis, the dam of Divine Dream competed successfully in dressage and jumping and sired Gestuet Falkenhorst’s cremello stallion, Milky Way GF, the first full bred German Cremello Warmblood stallion in the World. Milky Way GF is Dutch approved, Elite awarded with the Europees Stamboek, German Warmblood approved, has ZfDP papers and was premium awarded by ECHA.

Dream of Gold (ZfDP) Dream Boy (HANN) Dream of Glory (OLD) Donnerhall (OLD)
Revue Girl II (OLD)
Erntekrone (HANN) Eisenherz II (HANN)
Liorane (HANN)
Lavendel (ZfDP) Los Alamos (HOLST) Lorenz (HOLST)
Sametta (HOLST)
Blue Eyed Angel (HUN) Hak (HUN)
Hullam-Fuvallat (HUN)
Mirabelle II GF (ZfDP) Metallic Dream GF (Zweibrucker) Malteser Gold (HESS) Marduc (TRAK)
Altamira (HESS)
Wembley (HESS) Wilderer (HANN)
Fortuna (BAV)
Isis (HESS) Senussi (HESS) Senator (HANN)
Wilke (HESS)
Inka (BADEN) Imker (BADEN)
Tafite (BADEN)

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